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Rajamanikyam is a Malayalam movie directed by Anwar Rasheed and starring megastar Mammootty in the lead role. It tells the story of Bellary Raja alias Rajamanikyam who tries to unite his warring siblings (a step brother & a half sister). Released during Ramzan 2005, the movie became a swashbuckling hit. The movie got good initial collection and high class collection in long run. It is the biggest hit in Malayalam, just below 20-20.

This high voltage film has taken fantastic opening all across kerala from the 41 prints released. Mammootty's performance with the Thiruvananthapuram language is taken extremely well with the audience who are repeatedly seeing the film and making it a mega hit. Additional shows were arranged in a number of theaters all across the major cities of Kerala. With in 14 days of run many fans watched this movie 25 times, which shows mammootty's star power.

Rajamanikyam has collected a whopping sum of Rs 43 Lakhs share in 113 days breaking the Mohanlal flick, Narasimham’s record collection of Rs 39 Lakhs share in 155 days. Both the films made its huge shares from the theaters of Kerala’s capital. If Narasimham made it from Srikumar theatre, then Rajamanikyam did it from new theatre.

Finally movie collected a total of nearly 1 crore 9 lakhs gross, 47 lakhs share from Mohan lal’s citadel. Movie collected nearly 1 crore 14 lakhs and a share of Rs 50 Lakhs from Kavitha in Ernakulam, Mammootty’s lucky theatre. In Calicut, Movie grossed nearly 1 crore 4 lakhs. The film, still holding the record of grossing more than 3 crores from kerala’s three main cities and movie ran more than 100 days in 10+ centres. Movie crossed 55 days in 43 release stations and it was a big record in the history of Malayalam cinema at that time. This is the second biggest grosser of Malayalam film industry just behind twenty - 20 by grossing 6 million dollars at box office, i.e., 27 crs.


  1. Orkutile Mammootty Vs Mohanlal communityile vivek ennu paranja oruthan undu, he will die fighting Rasathanthram Broke Rajamanikyam collections. All he got as proof is 5 screenshots. 1 or 2 of them were from velli, in 1 velli report it says movies share is 3 Cr from 55 Days, a later report says movies total gross collection is 10 or 11 Crore from 75 Days.

    What he uses mainly is one sify link which says Rasathanthram broke all existing box-office records and "is expected to collect more than 20 Crores after its total run".

    I have a vellinakshatram proof which published after 100 Days run of Rasathanthram, in that antony perumbavoor says movies gross collection from 100 Days is 12 Crore. How can a movie with 12 Crore gross collection become biggest grosser of malayalam cinema??? so funny isnt it?.

    There are lot of malayalam movies which collected more than 12 Crores. The real fact is that Rasathanthram was made to run (after 50 or 75 Days) in many theatres without much collection, just to stand in front of mammootty's star value at that time.

    That guy is such a blind fan and many are there like this, they just want somehow prove that a Mohanlal film has overtaken Rajamanikyams Collections, which is yet to happen.

  2. dat all are reports from velli,sify and india can u ignore dat??..
    den which magazine or website tell d truth??
    is james putting original statics than sify,velli and india glitz??hi hi..gud joke..

  3. Reports from velli i have 3 versions.

    1st one says 3 Crore share from 55 days.
    2nd One says 10-11 Crore Gross from 75 Days.
    3rd One after 100 Days a special report featuring antony's big piture and all, which says RT gross is 12 Crore from 100 Days.

    Among these which one u will believe??? Everyone will believe only the last one.

    Velli in many cases does inflated reporting during intial days of the film; I think they can be influenced by anybody by giving money; that may be custom they are following just to earn more money.

    Other proofs shown by vivek are 1 from sify and 1 from some koora malayalam website. Here and in Annan thampi's post also i have mentioned about sify's report; read it carefully.

  4. what about d proofs showing RT broke RM collection?????

  5. u guys are always showing all gud reports about ikka films without cosidering the credibility of d source.And says dat all reports in which lal films have gud collection are fake..
    u just say which reports are believable...
    den i will put available proof frm dat source..

  6. Rajamanikyam in 43 centers 54th day

    Second biggest grosser after 20-20 Rajamanikyam....

    Rajamanikyam in 43 centers 54th day

  7. Some postings for reference

    Rajamanickam` rocks!
    By Moviebuzz | Wednesday, 16 November , 2005, 10:23
    Mammootty is the undisputed ?numero uno? in Kerala. His Rajamanickam had taken the best ever opening in recent times. It has created a new record of collecting Rs 1.23 Crore in its first week from 43 prints in Kerala!

    This comedy entertainer opened so big as in 11 places two theatres were playing the film and in 9 screens in Malabar there were daily 6 shows! In Kottayam, the first week share of Rajamanickam is Rs 5.30 Lakh the highest so far in the town.

    In Malapurram area the film is like a festival as there are continuous shows from 8 am to 11 pm due to Ramzan. The Trivandrum lingo that Mammootty speaks in the film has become a big hit with the audience. The comedy scenes are the highlight and the film is turning out to be a blockbuster.

    Mohanlal bastion falls to Mammootty!
    By Moviebuzz | Thursday, 01 December , 2005, 15:37
    The Tsunami created by Mammooty?s Rajamanickam at the Kerala Box-office, has put Mohanlal under tremendous pressure. Mammooty has eaten into his fan base of the youth (17 to 25 years) who form the core of the opening week audience.

    It is bad news for Mohanlal, who was basking under the glory of his Naran, whose records are being broken by Rajamanickam especially in his citadel of Tiruvananthapuram , Attingal, Kollam, Kottayam and Ernakulam. In three weeks Naran had netted from Kerala Rs 2.70 Crore which was said to be fantastic but Rajamanickam has done better with Rs3.35 Crore, truly amazing!

    Rajamanickam and Naran had almost the same number (43)release theatres, but where the former scored was that in some places they were able to screen 5 to 6 shows due to its running time (2hrs 10min) which gave it a gigantic opening. And Mammooty?s film was released on Ramzan day, which saw thousands of people mainly in the Malabar area flocking to the theatres, after breaking their month-long fast.

    But what is ringing the alarm bells for Mohanlal is that Rajamanickam making deep in-roads among his traditional hard core supporters in Travancore and Kochi area. 25 days collections of Rajamanickam is much better than Naran in all these areas including Tiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kottayam. It is obvious that Mohanlal fans had not only patronised Rajamanickam but also saw it again as repeat audience!

    Remember Mammootty?s other big hit of the year Thommanum Makkalum could not gross as much as Naran in these areas. Mohanlal fans feel that he should choose his scripts with far more care and have enough ?Kidilam punchlines and adipoli scenes with dapankoothu songs. Said a peeved Mohanlal fan : ?A superstar is meant to provide entertainment, not to preach or show their acting poweress?.

    More bad news is that Mohanlal?s next two releases have him in soft roles with no earth shaking dialogues or style. Mohanlal?s Christmas release is Blessy?s off-beat Tanmatra where he plays a government employee with Alzheimer?s disease and in January his long delayed Vadukkumnathan a musical is due where he plays a college lecturer

  8. By Moviebuzz | Thursday, 29 December , 2005, 15:51
    In Kerala, Dileep's citadel has always been Ernakulam, close to his home town Aluva. And in Ernakulam, his favourite theatre is Shenoy's where his blockbusters hold collection records.

    Dileep's Tenkasipattanam was a record holder in Ernakulam with a distributor's share of Rs 36 lakhs, followed by Meesa Madhavan collecting Rs 35 lakhs.

    Now all this has been broken by Chanthupottu which took a share of Rs 38 lakhs in 125 days. This is a new all time record for any movie in Ernakulam.

    But the big smile on Dileep's face is going to disappear in 2 to 3 weeks, as Mammootty's Rajamanickam is all set to break this record.

    In fact the Mammootty starrer is poised to be the biggest ever hit in the history of Malayalam cinema, and is expected to run for 200 days and likely to get a share of Rs 50 Lakhs from Kavitha in Ernakulam, Mammootty' s lucky theatre

  9. See the collections of Rajamanikyam on its 120th Day and the number of release centres - 13.

    Released on Nov-3 -2005

    The Top five Malayalam films
    Mar 7, 2006 (IANS)

    1. "Lanka" - Made by young director A.K Sajan, the film stars Suresh Gopi who has tried to do something different and trade circles are gung-ho about it.

    2. "Lion" - Actor Dileep and director Joshy's team seems to have worked out well. This is their second success in a row. The first one was "Runway".

    3. "Tanmatra" - Director Blessy has received bouquets and brickbats for depicting Alzheimer's disease in the film. He tackled both with equanimity.

    4. "Achanurangatha Veedu" - A realistic film about sex rackets involving minor girls in the state. The story told from a father's viewpoint has director Lal Jose accolades.

    5. "Rajamanikyam"-The ever big success of Mollywood is still going with more than 50% collection in 13 stations

  10. Box-Office Figures - Rajamanikyam

  11. Rajamanikyam - 50 Days - Gross - 10.50 Crore..Report from Velli.